Lens Baby LM-10

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The Lensbaby LM-10 Sweet Spot Lens for Mobile Phones is an add-on optic designed to take beautiful, creative images that have a "sweet spot" of focus surrounded by blur with Lensbabys first lens for Android & iPhone. Featuring a 0.5x magnification, this lens renders a broad field of view from which a controllable isolated portion of the image will remain in sharp focus with the background gradually being blurred to the edges in order to draw attention to the main subject. The LM-10 easily mounts to iPhones and most Android smartphones using integrated magnets, which attach to an adhesive-backed stainless steel ring surrounding the phones lens. Magnets are incorporated into both the front and rear of the lens in order to further permit connecting additional add-on lenses to the front. An all-glass optical design maintains image quality and is housed within a durable anodized aluminum body.

Designed to replicate the well-known look of Lensbabys selective and creative focus DSLR lenses, the LM-10 is a mobile phone-dedicated lens that produces a small, controllable section of sharp focus surrounded by blur.
Add-on lens features a 0.5x magnification to provide a wider field of view than the mobile phones own lens.Front and rear magnets are incorporated into the lens design for quick attachment and removal to the stainless steel ring and also permit the attachment of additional adapter lenses to the front. The included stainless steel rings attach to mobile phones via an adhesive backing.
The lens is constructed from an all-glass optical design and housed in an anodized aluminum body.
Dedicated to iOS 8 and Android Jelly Bean and KitKat mobile operating systems, this app supports working with the LM-10 lens and also permits refined camera controls.



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