Why We Love Candles

Its not an old wives tale or a legend, women love candles.  Its not just 10% of us, its the whole gaggle of us! We're drawn to them like yoga pants and pumpkin spice lattes.

But why? Why do we spend $20 to $30 on something that wont even last the month? Something we may forget to blow out at the end of the night?

We love to indulge! We love to climb onto the couch with a full bodied red wine, a cashmere blanket, and binge watch grey's anatomy.  We love to live the life of grandeur. We all want to be a queen on a throne being fed grapes and getting our feet rubbed.

We spend money on expensive shoes and dresses for fancy parties we haven't even received an invitation for yet.  Candles are just a part of this fantasy.  The flicker of that flame that casts a dancing shadow on the walls of the bedroom, as we sip on that merlot and stare at our reflection wearing those red bottom shoes we gouged our bank accounts for, just sets the mood and the romance of the moment to love our selves just a little bit more.

Women love to wrap them selves in all their senses. We love the reminders that yummy vanillas and spicy gingerbread smells bring to our minds when we catch the scent in the air.  We love the nostalgia that candles supplies.  Knowing that its going to send us back to that special place in our memories is worth the funds .  

At the same time, that candle may be buying us a new memory that will send us back to this moment sometime 10 years in the future.  Lavenders and Lilacs will help build the home we want to remember for the rest of our lives.

Here are the main reasons we love candles and a few of our favorite scents available in store:

They Provide Comfort.

Watching tv or reading a book in your apartment late at night- nothing quite soothes like soft glow of that candle in the night. It illuminates the whole room without that harsh glow of those LED bulbs we stare at all day.

There really is no explanation why it gives us so much comfort in the dark, just that we get the feeling deep inside that we're not alone- like having company without all the chit chat around the water cooler.

They set the Mood.

Its no secret, we love ambiance set by a flicker of a wick.  Sitting under harsh fluoresce lights all day, typing away on our laptops or inhaling all the exhaust of cars as we walk to get our daily caffeine fix just does murder on our mood and our complexion! 

We've all seen those romantic movies where the bedroom is filled with candles and roses.  Woman are naturally programmed to set this atmosphere. Who can resist the soft glow that cute little glass jar provides?

The Table Candle in Cypress Fig by Apolis Global has strong perfume scents that fill the whole room with a rich fragrance that reminds me of walking into a small boutique in San Antonio along the river walk.  

They Take us Back.

Those smells bring us back to a time when things were simple. Smells of summer times and camping trips remind me when times were easy and mom and dad took care of all our worries.

Every time I get a whiff of the Tobacco Candle from Great Bear Wax Co. I think about our family camping trips and sitting around the camp fire roasting marshmallows and eating so many s'mores I wake up sick the next day! 


Allie Reeves

Blue Door Trading Team


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