Father's Day Gift Guide

Stumped on what to get Dad this year?

Let us help! We've picked out a few of our favorite picks for any type of dad!

Mad Men Stylish Dad

Is your Dad the kind of guy who still puts on a suit and tie every day and doesn't believe in casual friday? He also appreciates a fine aged whiskey on the rocks.  We LOVE that guy! We suggest some of the finer things in life for this Dad.

First up lets give dad the tools to enjoy his whiskeys and bourbons.  We pick the King Ice tray and Barrel Aged Spirits Kit from W&P. Large Ice cubes and DIY aging sticks can make any bottle of spirits better with a little work.  This Dad also loves what we call "wrist candy," watches.  Not those smart watches with the beeping and speaker phone, but a timeless look that will pair with a polo and boat shoes as well as his 3 piece suit. We recommend the Sentry from Nixon.  The Sentry collection has a wide variety from leather to stainless steel and comes in 2 sizes as well as a range of colors. We have tons of option to choose from.  Our final pick for our fashionista father is a great brief case.  We love the Jaques Portfolio from Will Leather Bags. This is a solid leather briefcase from Eugene, Oregon. This bag is going to last for decades. Its got storage options for all his files and laptop.  The cognac leather is going to age just as fine as your old man.

Geek Papa

Next up, we have our classic 40 year old kid dad.  This is the dad who knows every line from Back to the Future, wears comic book t-shirts, and pulls pranks at every family event.  I don't know about you, but this is my Dad.  For this dad, we love just about any item from our Star Wars Collection.  We have all the favorites from Vader to R2D2; wallets, backpacks and of course watches.  This line is all limited supply so its going to be a time less classic just like your Dad himself.  Not a star wars guy? What about Bat Man? or a Classic Les Paul Guitar? We recommend some wall art from Patent Prints. These come matted and framed and in a classic black and white style that goes great in any man cave.  If your dad is not in charge of what art actually gets put in the house, how about what art goes on his feet? We have some awesome Printed Socks from The Ampal Creative.  Desert and forest scenes to a hot pink grim reaper, these socks are made for showing off, just like Dad.


Jet Setter Dad 

A handful of our Dad's have the job of hopping on and off planes and trains all year long.  While dad is checking in and out of hotels and airline lounges, we want him to be comfortable and relaxed so when he comes home, its all about family time.  To help dad make sure he doesn't forget the necessities, we recommend the Seaside Dopp Kit from Nixon.  This little bag has a several compartments to keep everything organized and even a hook to hang up in the bathroom of those swanky hotels.  One little item you throw into that Dopp bag is some of my favorite items in the store, some Solid Cologne from Fulton and Roark.  We have 5 scents available, clear water is my personal favorite.  Each comes in a solid metal container for a durable throw and go design. With no liquid to fuss about, we make getting through TSA a breeze. That silly liquid rule can also mean we're settling up a hefty bar tab at the airport bar for over priced an over priced drink.  Our solution comes again from W&P in the form of a Carry On Cocktail Kit. These little beauties contain everything you need for a craft cocktail on the plane even a napkin, all you need is the basic bottle of booze from your airline hostess. We have 3 options in stock currently, bloody mary, moscow mule and the classic old fashion. 


 We also have some great Father's Day cards from some makers from Etsy.  We love these funny cards that are hand designed by individuals within in US. Here are Our favs for Dad. Check out all of the cards here!  




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